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"She owns the songs she sings, and that makes her a storyteller and a conjurer of her own life.” 

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I've recently added my old friend, bassist Tyrone Brown to the band (when we get enough money to pay him!) Ty is such a wonderful artist; I am contually inspired by him. Guitarist Tom Glenn  and I  are exploring more musical avenues to get ready for our recording dates. Makes me think we should have been writing together for the last 30 years!. Here is a funny politcal tune that was inspired by Tom watching our crazy president saying how some of the neo-Nazis at Charlottesville were "Good People." Tom noticed the expressions on the faces of the sycophants around him and wrote a terrific melody. I wrote lyrics and we call it I've Got My Smile On. We appear regularly at  the Paris Wine Bar, If you like politics with your jazz - go no further! At my age, I don't have to worry anymore if my boobs are big enough or my patter between songs offends. I just do it. Ah, freedom!

 You can check out my history at All About Jazz or my reviews at Dreambox Media. My latest release is on Amazon (with some of the best musicians in Philly on it) and you can get a free listen on SoundCloud!

I'm sitting in Paris Bistro with the wonderful Lee Smith on bass and Leon Jordan on drums!

What I've Been Up To . . .

On March 30th I took a few friends with me to see pianist/composer Elio Villafranca at the Painted Bride.  Here is my impression of the evening...(it was great!)

I recently lost a dear friend and musical soul mate - Jim Miller, drummer, writer, jazz advocate, and all around great guy. I wrote a memorial to him for the Broad Street Review. Please take a moment and read it. I'd love you to get to know his legacy. 

I started a newsletter to promote the great singers in our region..  it's called Philly Voices. I'm also involved as a project adviser for the Philly Jazz Legacy Project funded by  Pew Center for Arts & Heritage to explore the history of Philly jazz by digging into all the material culture we can get our hands on. Archivist Jack McCarthy is heading the project and we just visited Margaret McGriif (the late organist Jimmy McGriff's widow), Charlie Rice's daughters, and TC III (the son of Trudy Pitts) . If you have any archival material you want us to know about, visit our website and let us know.

I'm expanding my writings on  Medium and on a short-read blog (below). Find out what else I'm doing on Facebook  and follow me on Twitter.

 I'm not your usual jazz singer and I don't wear false eyelashes. 

My grandson Jerry helps me out when I host the Collingswood Neighborhood concerts!

You know you want some jazz . . .

Don't consign yourself to the same old stuff at your next party or venue - you want something special that folks will remember. Okay, we DO the standards, but we're not standard lounge lizards - we DO so much more. You can check out videos below of Tom, Andy and I at Chris' Jazz Cafe  and a gorgeous rendition of Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams with Jim Ridl, Mike Boone, Jim Miller and Larry McKenna below.

If you want to buy my CDs, check out Amazon.com for With a Little Help From My Friends and Looking Back. To get my LP I Like it! with Eddie Green, Tyrone Brown and Jim Miller, email me.

Most of the photos on this site are by photographer Anthony Dean

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Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams

Enjoy youtubemusic videos with jazz pianist Jim Ridl, bassist Mike Boone, drummer Jim Miller and saxophonist Larry McKenna accompany Suzanne Cloud in Philadelphia. Quite a singer in Philadelphia!

Angel Eyes

Guitarist Tom Glenn and bassist Andy Lalasis - just leaning into the tune with me.


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Below the Beltway  By Jef Lee Johnson and Suzanne Cloud


I Got My Smile On (Ode to Sycophants) by Tom Glenn and Suzanne Cloud


Recent Interview with Jazz Voices!

Talking about Jazz Bridge and the way Wendy Simon and I started the organization.

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